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b2b Work With County FA's to boost Sports Sector Sustainability

We are thrilled to announce the relaunch of Save Today, Play Tomorrow's enhanced programme and brand new website:

b2b were selected by Birmingham County Football Association (BCFA) to plan, create and relaunch the award winning Save Today Play Tomorrow initiative.

This ground-breaking, first-of-its-kind initiative is all about total sustainability in sport in the UK.

Save Today, Play Tomorrow is committed to revolutionising the way sports clubs approach their environmental, social, and financial impact.


We worked with BCFA to come up with a plan of how it can enhance its content and guidance to train and empower sports clubs to be more resilient.

We planned and redeveloped Save Today Play Tomorrow's website and started to curate the content it needed to respond to the needs of its growing community.

This included b2b diving into its expertise of working with clubs and associations and create a tailored set of resources specifically to help clubs generate new income with a focus on sponsorship.

b2b's involvement with CAFA was crucial as we pulled on CAFA experts to develop climate and net zero resources and guidance for clubs and associations too, including a dedicated programme of awareness and support for small clubs.

Linking financial, social and environmental resilience to support clubs and delivering a carbon footprinting service dedicated to small clubs via Climate Action for Associations.


To explore our solutions designed specifically for grassroots sports clubs, helping to ensure resilience and sustainability for many years to come, click here. (link -

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Save Today, Play Tomorrow's brand new website:

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