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Partnerships for a Greater Good

2018 delivered the most liked Instagram post from no other than, Kylie Jenner when baby Stormi arrived bringing in 18.7 million likes. No surprise there.

Moving on and into January 2019, a simple, yet thought provoking surprise was an individual egg that appeared on Instagram – or was it the chicken? A debate for another time. This one post created huge talk-ability and intrigued, especially after the post from @world_record_egg received a whopping 52.3 million likes.

In our recent post for B2B Marketing, we talked at length, about the power of reaching verticals and professions through building valuable partnerships. If you missed it, grab a coffee and have a read here.

Pausing at the opportunity of our article, we wanted to keep a focus on the Egg. Over the past week, after questioning whether the Instagram Egg had any hidden meaning and who was behind the Egg. We received answers.

Creator: Chris Godfrey, a creative at The&Partnership in London.

Outcome: Global Mental Health Support and Awareness

It is questionable if the creator always had wider intentions behind the egg. However, what is interesting for us is the simplicity and that this simple idea triggered the development of such a powerful social and charitable partnership.

The fact that the post has helped promote awareness around mental health and how people can be impacted on social media really hits home to a lot of people. We live in a society with many filters and we are now in an age where health & wellbeing is no longer an additional thought, but a firm priority among colleagues, organisations and society and rightly so.

Wider than the clear message, is how the messaging was created. For us, this is what we love so much about this campaign, the fact that an opportunity was identified and harnessed. We could bang the Egg drum for days.

We spend our days thinking about partnerships, the power of partnerships, the impact and the positive difference the right partnerships can make. More importantly, we know how to execute and deliver smart, impactful partnerships with not-for-profits and corporates, always with the objective to deliver value and achieve a greater good for all parties.

The Egg creator and team has just done that with this partnership. Clearly not for immediate financial gain but a greater, more sustainable social good. They have assessed and understood their offering and the positive impact that it could and can provide.

Stepping outside of the Instagram scroll is a website, which provides links to various charities and bodies globally that will help, support and encourage people not to suffer in silence. In the UK alone, there are 8 charities listed: Mind CALM Heads Together Inside Out The Mix Samaritans The Diana Award Crisis Messenger Self Harm GB

As many charities have come together to join this powerful partnership movement and spread the word, so have digital influencers, celebrities and consumers. For us, the creator and team behind ‘the Egg’ has not only used their platform to create and leverage partnerships but champion and align the right organisations together to drive awareness and create social value.

We certainly are fans and as a company, see ourselves part of the #Egggang, as well as, always creating healthy partnerships for our clients.

We’re definitely EGGcited… (we couldn’t resist - #sorrynotsorry) to understand the longer term, social impact of this partnership.

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