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One Year On...

This picture was taken a year ago...

It's been 1 year since I was in the office with my amazing team and just under a year since the team were physically together. I landed in Australia on 2nd March 2020 for 2 weeks. 52 weeks later I'm still here. I miss everyone's energy so much and the classic b2b office banter, but after a year of virtual working it feels, in many ways, we are stronger and more connected now than ever before.

I know the future is bright for us, however our workplace of the future is definitely going to be a flexible hybrid of different spaces.

I see co-working space, client hot-desking, home working plus the addition of social space, wellbeing/calm space plus a thinking and planning space. That’s a lot of spaces - but hey, why not?

Our travel will be less, with a focus of our wellbeing and the environment more.

We have no regional borders or barriers to our delivery anymore. This means b2b's world and customer base has totally opened up. We have endless possibilities. We also have the opportunity to completely reset our approach and get rid of all our old-fashioned unnecessary commuting and meeting habits that used to be there - mainly because that’s what others expected from us.

We will not rush to get back to where we were BC (Before-Covid). We will reshape and evolve our operating model and workplace(s) to be optimal for productivity and for fun and we will tailor things to suit each of the teams individual needs. As a small business we can do that. So why not?

We want to get workplace creative. The future of our work isn’t just about the buildings we work in or rushing in the morning only to squeeze on a packed commuter train to get to a f2f a meeting, that could have easily been run as a call.

b2b’s future workplace design and our approach to our work has to put individuals, team and sustainability first and we will work together as a team to evolve and create this. It's pretty cool in a way that we had a level of awakening and have a new chance to create something new.

The last year working so far away from the team has been totally surreal but I can't wait for the day when I can walk in a room and see the team working together again. This is going to be the most fantastic excuse for a serious party.

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