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NSPCC: It’s Your Call

b2b are delighted to be working with the NSPCC to help develop the sales and distribution and go to market plans for their new short, interactive, online-learning film called, ‘It’s Your Call.’NSPCC want to equip all professionals to be able to recognise and know what steps to take in case they encounter a situation where they feel they need to raise alarm. The NSPCC have focused their ‘It’s Your Call’ on those who work in and around homes and who have the unique opportunity to recognise if there is a dangerous or worrying situation.The NSPCC will supply a short-course to organisations to improve their employee engagement learning and development programmes, and internal CSR and duty-of-care policies. The course aims to help equip professionals with the ability to recognise, understand and share any concerns they may have about a child in a safe and meaningful way, helping to embed safeguarding into an organisations everyday practice.b2b are working with the NSPCC to help engage and build partnerships with some of the UK’s leading organisations, aiming to deliver the course to employees who engage with, and work in homes across the country.For more information about the work b2b are doing with the NSPCC and how your organisation can get involved, please contact us here.

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