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New sustainability partnership launched

b2b have developed this partnership between our client, IWFM and Inenco across the IWFM's 2020 Sustainability Survey, which launched with the latest findings on the 2nd October.

The survey has always been one of the UK’s most important evaluations of sustainability and workplace trends, but the unprecedented challenges of 2020 make this year’s findings even more so. With COVID-19 front of mind for us all, it has naturally shaped responses to the survey and created a unique insight into how it is affecting all aspects of sustainability in our organisations.

In 2020, sustainability is seen as important in virtually all respondents’ organisations and many believe it has had a positive effect on their business operations in the last 12 months. Despite this, there are still perceived to be significant barriers to developing sustainable practices in many organisations.

Over two-thirds of respondents also believe their sustainability policies and targets will change as a result of COVID-19 with an increased focus on remote working, travel policies, wellbeing and video conferencing facilities.

The 2020 survey saw 345 respondents give us a continued benchmark of perceptions

on priorities, performance and governance around sustainability in our organisations

and the barriers to, and influences on, sustainable practices. With a huge rise in

the importance of social value and wellbeing in recent years, the survey also gives

insights into both these topics and the impact of COVID-19 on the future

of sustainability in the workplace.

The partnership between IWFM and Inenco was developed and scoped out by b2b with the IWFM team. b2b worked closely with IWFM to shape the partnership opportunity and then secured the partnership with Inenco across this flagship research programme.

Inenco's Head of New Business, Duncan Edwards, said of the partnership: 'Inenco believe that embracing an holistic and forward looking approach to sustainability is fundamental to organisational success and creating a competitive advantage going forward. We’re delighted to be working with IWFM to provide invaluable insight to help organisations better understand and plan their sustainability journey.'

For further information on this partnership and how b2b worked with IWFM and Inenco to develop the collaboration, please contact Kari Allen.

To read more about the findings about the IWFM and Inenco Sustainability Report see below:

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