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Gender disparity and the procurement profession

The CIPS and Hays Procurement profession salary survey guide findings and outputs been released ( 15-05-2017).

The research is divided into sections relating to salaries and bonuses, procurement as a career, and the perception of procurement’s role in organisations. The report takes into account 4000 procurement professionals and helps to benchmark salaries and bonuses within the supply chain and procurement profession. The findings include looking at the gender pay gap, with findings showing there is still a concern as women were still less likely to receive a pay rise compared to their male peers.The guide also looks at employers preferences with regards to hiring MCIPS candidates and the pay advantage of holding CIPS qualifications and membership, as well as the challenges that employers are ready to face with regards to recruitment.

The CIPS Hays partnership is currently in its 3rd year, which we developed as part of CIPS’ larger content, partnership and member engagement strategy, which we helped CIPS define.We are excited that this partnership is currently shortlisted in the Memcom 2017 awards.

For more information on our work with CIPS and their partnership with Hays click here.

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