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Engaging with Freelancers through IPSE

b2b partnerships ltd is proud to announce, we are working with IPSE to support them on the development of a variety of their knowledge transfer activities.

The association for professionals and the self-employed, have 67,000 freelancer, contractor and consultancy members throughout the EU from all sectors of the economy. Described by successive governments as the UK’s ‘Engine of Growth’ the freelancer and small business sector is estimated to be valued at over £1trillion (BIS, 2014), IPSE exists to provide business and tax support and advice to freelancers and micro businesses to support their development.

b2b are working with IPSE to support a number of initiatives designed to support the freelancer community including a wide range of events, high level research and economic indicators. This includes the high profile flagship National Freelancers Day, an annual event dedicated to providing hands on support to the freelancer community.

For more information on how to engage with IPSE, please contact Kari Allen.

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