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Encouraging skills and training | NAW2020

Its National Apprenticeship Week 2020 and b2b partnerships are celebrating! Not only are our clients delivering amazing Apprenticeship programmes to ensure their professions are developing new skilled workers, b2b also believes in developing skills through work; our own training and skills programme has a focus on continual learning and development through experience and knowledge sharing!

We are also incredibly proud, that our newest member of the team came straight from an apprenticeship programme and is able to apply all the skills she has gained doing her Business / Digital Marketing apprenticeship directly to the work we are doing at b2b.

We decided to put Sophie on the spot and get her to share her past experience as an apprentice. Here is how she has been able to take what she has learnt and apply it to her new role with us.

On her past apprenticeship and role at b2b Sophie says;

“Apprenticeships are a mix of learning and gaining experience all whilst being paid. It gave me a first-hand look into the working life, learning about a specific role and sectors and what the rewards can be. Throughout my time as an apprentice I got to work with experienced colleagues alongside on-the-job training and learning closely with support all around me.

As an apprentice, I learnt key soft skills such as teamwork and dynamics of a working environment. These skills are important for a good career as well as everyday life. The apprenticeship I was a part of helped me develop using each other’s strengths to achieve a common goal, this has helped me with my role in b2b as our team work very closely together.

I believe that completing my apprenticeship and having that experience and understanding the sector and the role I was in, enabled me to immerse myself into learning a wealth of new things. Developing my skills immediately opened up a lot more career opportunities for me including what I needed to apply for and win a very competitive new role as a part of teamb2b. I’ve gained great confidence and now I’m continuing to learn to grow within and with a growing company.”

b2b understand the importance of encouraging all types of skills, training, development and learning to ensure personal and professional growth. Many of our amazing client’s including the CIPD -  The Role Of Apprenticeship In Workforce Development and the Chartered IIA, CIIA – Apprenticeship Roles. (Check out our work with them here) Both have recognised the importance of encouraging new ways of training to bring in the next generation of workers and to upskill existing employees and members.

Let’s all get ‘FIRED UP’ about skills development and ensure that we are encouraging ongoing skills, training and development.

To find out more information about b2b’s Training & Skills Development Programme please get in touch via our Contact Us page or Email

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