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Do You Know the Commercial Value of Your Organisation? | CILIP Conference 2018

b2b partnerships are delighted to announce that they will be holding a workshop on the 5th of July at this year’s CILIP Conference.Entitled ‘Knowing Your Value: Alternative Income Opportunities’, the workshop will examine the ways in which an organisation can realise the value of its assets, in order to increase its commercial value.Using a practical and interactive approach, b2b will explore how reach, content, channel, digital, social and learning based business to business engagement can generate revenues, drive engagement and help enable change for an organisation.b2b will also discuss the power of commercial partnerships and show how the right relationships can help an organisation achieve its business objectives.If you are planning on attending the session, the b2b team would love to hear from you.

Please email with the following information:

• What do you see as the biggest untapped (new income generating) opportunity for you?

• What are the biggest challenges facing you from developing these opportunities to create new income generation?

• What are the blockers?

The CILIP conference is the leading conference for information, library and knowledge professionals. To learn more about the conference please click here.To contact b2b partnerships and to understand how you can find commercial value in your organisation, please click here.

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