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CIPD Future of Work Series, with supporting partner Indeed

Our client, CIPD, have launched their ‘Future of Work’ series in partnership with Indeed, which explores key trends shaping our future workplaces and working lives.

CIPD and Indeed will be inviting experts from contrasting disciplines to share their insight on key trends influencing the future of work. Each article will explore a different topic in depth, challenge thinking and provide thought leadership on how these trends will shape the future of work and working lives.

In the first article published, Wilson Wong discusses the importance of futures and foresight in strategic thinking and how to successfully scenario plan for the future.

In this opening piece, CIPD wanted to provide an understanding of the significance of futures and foresight in strategic thinking and to debunk the myth that it is too difficult to meaningfully scenario-plan for the future, or that it is merely crystal ball gazing . There is much evidence and data analysed in futures research, used to seek patterns, soft signals of change, pervasive and intractable behaviours and new attitudes and ideas that have the potential to disrupt. However, foresight and futures methods should inform thinking before strategic decisions are made. They identify huge, potentially daunting, issues and considerations within a framework that allows for plans and actions, which expand the perceptions of strategic options open to organisations.

As the professional body for HR and people development, the CIPD’s aim is to support the people profession to thrive, now and in the future. This thought-provoking series, with supporting partner Indeed, will curate expert viewpoints from outside the profession, to highlight trends that may shape the future of work for everyone.

Further articles throughout 2022 and into 2023 will explore the implications of key global issues, such as climate change, technology, and AI, on future workplaces.

The partnership between CIPD and Indeed was developed and scoped out by the team at b2b. We worked closely with CIPD to shape the partnership opportunity across the Future of Work Series and then secured the partnership with Indeed across this innovative and thought-provoking Series.

To find out more about how b2b developed this partnership or how we can help you to scope and identify strong partnership opportunities, please contact

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