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CIPD and Simplyhealth ‘Health & Well-being at Work’ Survey

Presenteeism hits record high in UK organisations as stress at work rises.‘Presenteeism’, or people coming into work when they are ill, has more than tripled since 2010, according to the latest CIPD/Simplyhealth Health and Well-being at Work surveyOne of the most critical issues of the modern workplace is the health and wellbeing of people at work says CIPD/Simplyhealth Health & Wellbeing at Work Survey.The partnership between CIPD and Simplyhealth now in its 8th year, is the leading survey of its kind for the HR profession.Formally the CIPD Simplyhealth Absence Management Survey the partnership explores the latest trends in absence management, and health and well-being policy and practice in workplaces across the UK.b2b worked with CIPD to develop a partnership with a leading UK brand to help them grow and develop the survey further. We scoped the opportunity and developed an external proposition with CIPD which instigated a wide number of conversations with workplace health and wellbeing specialists.In 2010 b2b secured Simplyhealth (a leading UK insurance company) to partner on this flagship survey.CIPD’s partnership with Simplyhealth on the Wellbeing at Work Survey delivers:• Industry perspective• Content, case study and commentary• PR/Media reach• Revenues for CIPD• Boosting of industry sample data• Supplementary industry content and information.Over the years, the partnership has seen the delivery of 8 survey reports, a series of associated outputs, extensive PR coverage, social media engagement and joint speaking opportunities at events. CIPD work in true partnership with Simplyhealth, delivering expertise via commentary and quotes, social media, speaking sessions on findings, webinars and references across key member communications and online promotions.As well as scoping the opportunity and identifying and building the partnership, b2b worked with CIPD to define a comprehensive PR, marketing and social media campaign to support the eight-year partnership, helping both CIPD and Simplyhealth to engage with employers, HR professionals and clients.Robust media activity has generated significant coverage for both CIPD and Simplyhealth, which has enhanced engagement and impact across the HR community. The Survey outputs have become a valuable business development tool for Simplyhealth and the independent association with CIPD has provided them with a competitive advantage within the sector.Read the full 2018 Report here.See CIPD's press release here.See Simplyhealth's press release here.To learn more about how b2b develops content and research partnerships for its professional body clients contact us here.To explore how your organisation can partner with the CIPD’s other high-profile research and thought leadership programmes email:

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