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‘Brought to you by’ An example of blended content & brand partnership marketing

b2b partnerships have always understood the power of content and brand partnership marketing. This type of partnership means a company can showcase their expertise and knowledge as well as their brand without overtly advertising their products. 33% of internet users find display ads completely intolerable* which means, those brands that understand that audiences engage more with relevant information above display marketing are in a stronger position and already a step ahead of your competitors.

b2b partnerships understand that our clients valuable members and business community respond better to relevant content not irrelevant adverts. A study revealed that only 2.8% of participants thought that ads on website were relevant.**Our newest example of a content brand partnership marketing is the newly launched AAT Informi Hudson Energy Partnership which is focused on helping small businesses understand their energy.

Hudson Energy have developed a brand tagline Choice is Power which they wanted to incorporate into the content brand partnership to reinforce for the SME audience they have the power to decide. They also wanted to align themselves with the independent Informi platform to and deliver engaging content to engage and create dialogue with small business.

The Informi business advice portal which launched September 2016, is designed to offer practical advice and support for new businesses to help them on the path to success. Informi has focused on the key things small business owners need to know and broken these up into easily digestible bitesize articles. They look at key personality traits, weighing up whether it’s the right option for the business and set expectations for what’s in store.

Our work with AAT Informi is aimed at building content brand partnerships that help AAT engage with their small business community their content on the platform by finding Expert partners, as well as allowing them to reinvest back into their CSR initiative and SME members.Content Brand Partnership Marketing – whilst by no means a new way of engaging with audiences is a purer way of showcasing the expertise that a company has as well as marking them above their competitors as a source of knowledge.Content partnerships with independent professional groups understanding the benefits of not only being the go to expert for your audience but also creating a dialogue and aligning with an independent body can only improve your brand reputation.

In a world of TripAdvisor, Glass Door and Google reviews having your reputation be on point is more important than ever, and content partnership can meet a multitude of objectives including brand recognition and new acquisitions.For more information on the Hudson Informi partnership click here.

To find out more about how to partner on AAT Informi contact us.

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