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British Chambers of Commerce Partnership Strategy

b2b have been appointed by the British Chambers of Commerce to work internally to help develop & deliver their new commercial partnership strategy.

The British Chambers of Commerce is the independent, consistent and respected voice for Britain’s business community and the leading commentator on the UK economy. Together with their powerful network of 52 Accredited Chambers across the UK, the BCC represents more than 72,000 businesses and five million employees in the UK. The BCC continues to build a global network, with 30 Accredited International Chambers across the globe which takes their representation and campaigning work to another level.

The BCC has a high-profile policy and lobbying team that represents the interests of the Accredited Chambers and their members in Westminster, Whitehall, Brussels and overseas. The BCC works with decision-makers to influence policy decisions, including new legislation which may have an impact on the business community, to give businesses a voice in Parliament and the media.

For over 150 years the British Chambers of Commerce has sat at the heart of local business, helping thousands of UK companies - of every size and sector - to grow and trade around the world.

Our Work with the British Chambers of Commerce

We are working with the British Chambers of Commerce to help them maximise opportunities and build partnerships with a particular focus on their independent and highly respected, research, policy and thought leadership programmes.

b2b are working with the tight knit team internally to develop propositions and partnerships that will enable the British chambers of commerce to grow, raise profile, increase impact, generate revenue and enable change – the outcomes directly linking to the BCC’s strategic priorities.If you are a leading business interested in partnering with the British Chambers of Commerce and wish to have an exploratory conversation contact us here.

If you are an independent professional organisation and keen to understand how we work with the BCC in more detail contact us here.

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