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British Chamber of Commerce and Totaljobs | Quarterly Recruitment Outlook

‘No business sector is immune from recruitment difficulties’ this is the messaging from the new partnership we developed with the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) and Totaljobs.

The partnership built on the BCC’s Quarterly Recruitment Outlook, released 15th May 2019, is a temperature check on recruitment trends in the UK every three months. The quarterly partnership asks 6,000 businesses across the UK key benchmarking questions around their recruitment challenges and opportunities.

The inaugural report has showcased that businesses within the UK are actively recruiting, however are hitting key difficulties in finding the staff.

The BCC and Totaljobs have highlighted key factors including Brexit, access to skills and labour shortages as key challenges for all UK businesses.

So, why this partnership? The BCC was exploring key aspects of recruitment within their quarterly economic survey and realised that the recruitment figures were something they wanted to explore in further detail. They decided this would be a perfect piece of work for a right fit partner to sit across, who is able to add in their own insights, have their own opinion and develop skills.

This report really resonates with us at b2b. Having BCC and Totaljobs together exploring real-time key societal impacts allows businesses to gain insight into the importance around the best team and skillsets for their client base.

Finding these skills and developing talent is something b2b partnerships are focused on, ensuring that our sector has the ability to grow and enabling every organisation to understand their value and support their members and customers.

b2b partnerships is always incredibly proud of the partnerships we develop, especially programmes that are able to give true reflections of the current climate of business.

For more information on the BCC and Totaljobs Quarterly Recruitment Index and the partnership we developed, read the report in full here.

To find out more about how b2b partnerships works and our expertise, please contact us.

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