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b2b Launch Climate Action for Associations

Trade & professional membership organisations have been called out as having a key role to play in the urgent need for business and industry to respond to the climate emergency.

Climate Action for Associations has been set up in response to the climate emergency and the growing need for industry and professional bodies to step up and take stronger climate and sustainability action.

The time is now for professional membership and trade associations globally, to proactively show climate leadership both internally and to support the sectors and industries they represent.

In the UK alone, there are more than 450 professional chartered membership bodies and 160 trade unions, representing an estimated 22 million professionals and tens of thousands of organisations. If each membership organisation helped their membership address the climate and sustainability challenges facing their industry and profession, you can guarantee we’d be moving towards net zero, quicker. There is a massive opportunity a larger volume of change.

There is no doubt that industry and professional membership associations can make a difference to the world’s climate position and impact the Race to Zero. With COP26 on the horizon, there is an urgency for associations to proactively take steps to help their members address the climate challenge. Global leaders go as far to say that if organisations don’t have climate action and energy transition plans in place to by COP26, then it may be too late.

Climate Action for Associations’ (CAFA) is a not-for-profit collective, convening professional and trade associations, institutes, societies, clubs and other independent bodies from all around the world to create impact and sustainable outcomes.

CAFA supports membership organisations to take action internally, and also helps them deliver climate action and sustainability support to the members that they represent.

CAFA believes that “by collectively working together, associations can achieve more across industries and through supply chains and faster”.

Membership organisations have a ‘duty of care’ over the industry and professions they represent, and need to start to drive the climate conversation harder. Members of bodies, like consumers more generally, expect more. They are demanding clear, sustainable leadership from their peak body and so the time to act is now to deliver the much-needed support businesses and professionals are looking for.

It has never been more important for businesses to adapt their methods and processes and introduce more renewable and sustainable strategies into their everyday operations.

Whilst many organisations have started to adopt more sustainable measures, in order to achieve any great strides in the mitigation of climate change; united action should be taken across all sectors of business.

“Associations need to be the leaders their members expect them to be. They first of all, need to make the shift internally to get their own house in order, and secondly, help their members transition and take advantage of the opportunities which will fundamentally distinguish themselves with their customers and stakeholders.”

CAFA is run as secretariat by b2b the membership experts who have worked in the membership and third sector globally for more than 20 years and increasingly are working with international climate change NGO’s and with leading sustainability experts.

CAFA empowers membership organisations, boosts confidence and provides voice. CAFA is a also a platform to convene, share with and learn from others. CAFA provides, information content and learning specifically for the association sector to help overcome inherent challenges and risks.

CAFA are looking for membership organisations to pledge their commitment to the collective power of associations and to take climate leadership and accelerate the conversation internally and within their membership.

By joining the CAFA Collective, membership organisations will have access to an evolving range of support to practical action which will set them on a path to deliver additional, long-term value to members, employees, key stakeholders and wider business and communities.

Be part of this growing powerful collective and share and learn from other associations who are transitioning to net zero and sustainable business models here.

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About CAFA

CAFA's mission is to harness the collective power and influence of whole sectors, systems and professions to drive climate change and enable a sustainable economy.

About b2b

b2b supports the business development and sustainability of independent professional organisations and NGO’s.

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