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b2b partnerships Sponsoring 2018 B2B Marketing Awards

b2b partnerships are excited to announce that we are sponsoring ‘Best Channel Marketing Initiative’ at the 2018 B2B Marketing Awards on the 22nd of November 2018.

This year’s B2B Marketing Awards celebrate the art and power of B2B marketing across the globe. With creative, data and technology breaking more boundaries than ever before in B2B, it’s time to show the world what the industry can do and celebrate the artists crafting the industry’s best work.

b2b partnerships are sponsoring the ‘Best Channel Marketing Initiative’ and we are really proud to be able to recognise the innovation and success of the shortlisted nominees! The 'Best Channel Marketing Initiative' focuses on marketing both to and through resellers, distributors or other intermediaries in any sector.

Nominees were required to explain the dynamics and characteristics of the specific channel audience involved, how activity nurtured the relationship between vendor/supplier and the channel partner, and met the objectives of both parties.

The shortlisted nominees are:

• ‘Callebaut: Lasting impressions’ for Callebaut by The Hub

• ‘Celebrity rewards’ for Celebrity Cruises by Motivforce

• ‘Dedication to education’ for Promethean by Don’t be Shy

• ‘Lenovo ThinkPad. It’s the business.’ for Lenovo by April Six

• ‘Microsoft Surface: Partner demand acceleration’ for Microsoft by The Marketing Practice

• ‘ThinkPad anniversary’ for Lenovo by twogether.

"The very best industry awards can elevate the spirit to places otherwise unattainable in a business environment. And they have prestigious trophies that are really hard to win.The B2B Marketing Awards is all of that. That's why attending is really worth it. And it's why winning an award on the night is simply a shining beacon of glory for you and your team.

"Dan Roche, Head of Marketing KPMG

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