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Supporting entrepreneurship at a grass roots level

b2b is delighted to announce we are working with the Innovation Centre for Enterprise (ICE), a leading social enterprise focused on supporting entrepreneurs and start-ups in their early stage of businesses. Their community has expanded into a large cohort of co-working freelancers, entrepreneurs and SMEs.

ICE understand the contribution that small businesses and start-ups have on both the local and UK wide economies. 16 million people in the UK are employed by SMEs, and they account for 98% of private sector businesses. Now more then ever, businesses at the start of their journey are looking for simple, straight forward, relevant and meaningful information.

Led by b2b’s Managing Director Alison Heppenstall and Client Services Manager Sarah Collibee, this work supports ICE to engage with UK entrepreneurs and increase the UK’s economic resilience and confidence of new business owners.

The exciting new partnership will see b2b creating a valuable range of new Social Impact Partnerships that enable ICE to increase its business support to SMEs.

b2b will be engaging with organisations who want to support entrepreneurship at the grass roots level and work with an innovative not-for-profit who have created £53 million worth of GVA uplift for the economy.

As always, b2b will be working as an extension to ICE’s team and will unleash its team of experts and our extensive operational experience to support ICE’s growth and mission moving forward.

For more information about ICE or how b2b are working with the ICE team, please contact Sarah Collibee.

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