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Annual Association Reception 2019

Climate Action, Disruption & FastTech steal the conversation away from Brexit. Thankfully...

Our best Annual Association Reception to date!

A massive shout out to all our guests who braved the cold to attend our 2019 Annual Association Reception last night!

Our best event to date, 89 guests from independent, not-for-profits and professional membership associations came together from across a vast range of sectors for an evening of peer networking and fun.

The room was buzzing and conversations flowing and everybody, I mean everybody was focussed on what’s in store in the new decade as we look towards 2020.

Despite coming from a very diverse range of sectors the industry all those attended were talking about similar challenges and opportunities. The key takeaways were on; staying on top of technology, disruption from all angles, increased customer experience, managing transformation and BAU, economic and political uncertainty, climate change, skills shortages, reimagining communities, outsourcing models and pressures to diversify commercially. The B word was barely mentioned at all. Yippee.

With our client The Climate Group present, there were amazing conversations flowing around the room about 2020 being The Climate Decade and the role of Associations as a change enabler.

Other guests included senior professionals from DEFRA, CIPD, IWFM, ACT, DCMS, Chartered IIA, CIPR ACCA, the Institute of Leadership & Management, RCGP and The British Library to name just a few.

We were able to blend festivities with short burst interviews with leading professionals from representative bodies on their thoughts for the future. Very cool.

All in all, it was an amazing evening thank again as always 100% mindful and very appreciative of our wonderful clients and the great work they do and the impact they have on business, environment, the economy, the world of work and society. Thanks to the amazing team b2b partnerships Ltd & Parliament Hill Ltd for making this event a success for the last 9 years. Roll on 2020..

As we look forward to an exciting, new decade we will be sharing insights from leading figures in the professional membership space over the coming months. Register here to receive b2b’s 2020 Vision Series on future of Associations and stay tuned for our new website and services launch early next year.

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