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A Partnership that Helps Small Business Grow | Informi and Lloyds Banking Group

b2b are excited to announce the launch of a partnership between AAT Informi and Lloyds Banking Group. AAT and have launched the new partnership to help Britain’s small business owners make the most of the finance opportunities available to them.

AAT appointed b2b to identify the key areas of support small businesses look for when starting-up all the way to scale-up and to develop right-fit partnerships with leading thinkers and solution providers to showcase industry support and guidance to help organisations grow and prosper. As part of this b2b identified a range of potential partners to work with AAT specifically to share and showcase finance and banking support to help small businesses.

b2b worked with AAT to undertake the selection process around the development of a multi-platform, digital content across AAT’s accounting network and also their SME resource hub, Informi. It was identified that Lloyds Banking Group has a; strong existing SME representation, an existing range of relevant skills and expertise and objectives and values aligned well to AAT’s and s strong appetite to support small business accountants as well as small business owners.

b2b worked with AAT and AAT moved forward with Lloyds Banking Group to provide rich content on a series of relevant topics to accounting technicians, accountants and bookkeepers via the AAT Comment website, along with articles of interest to small business owners through the Informi website. Lloyds will be working with AAT to provide a range of helpful content on topics including; international trade, in the light of Brexit, working capital and cash flow planning, and late payments.“Through this partnership, AAT members will be able to support their clients with insight that will shape working capital conversations, as well as provide access to guidance and information on international trade,” says Ed Thurman, Managing Director, Global Transaction Banking, Commercial Banking at Lloyds Banking Group.“This partnership is designed to help our members and the wider sector gain useful insights from an established expert who can help provide solutions for many of their clients,” says Mark Farrar, Chief Executive of AAT.To complement this announcement, Lloyds Banking Group has supplied guidance for small businesses seeking support on Informi’s website on working capital and cash flow when selling overseas.

For more information about Informi, please click here.

To learn more about how b2b develops content and research partnerships for its professional body clients contact us here.

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