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Development of Sustainable Membership Proposition

The Climate Group


The Climate Group have experienced a strong period of growth and change over the past decade. The inception and development of member-led business action campaigns have been created in response to the increasing need and opportunity that climate action presents to business and governments. Building on its campaign success to date, The Climate Group is in a strong position of opportunity and innovation, with the potential to drive further impact, value and deliver its mission.


The Climate Group selected b2b based upon our experience working with the membership sector and corporates to:

  • Review the premise and structure of its campaigns and membership structure

  • Deep dive into its current membership model and delivery

  • Present opportunities for development and change

  • Identify other alternative and sustainable opportunities for growth that will enable The Climate Group to reinvest back into its business to achieve its global mission


b2b worked with The Climate Group to help:

  • Redefine The Climate Group's campaign value proposition

  • Develop new membership propositions

  • Define road map route to membership

  • Identify new opportunities for growth and alternative income generation

  • Define new processes, business development options and sales development models

During the course of our work, b2b were also able to recognise and present additional opportunities for The Climate Group consider.

Aerial View of Curved Road


b2b took a 3-stage process to delivery of work for The Climate Group which included discovery, membership and industry surveys, range of workshops, shadowing and 1-2-1’s. b2b provided a range of recommendations and developed a variety of practical guidance with a suggested road map for change.


The Climate Group are at the forefront of ambitious climate action.


The Climate Group works internationally with leading businesses, states and regions to deliver a world of net zero greenhouse gas emissions and greater prosperity for all. Their focus is on collaborative programs with corporate and government partners that deliver impact on a global scale. 

The Climate Group stimulates action with businesses, states and regions, bringing them together to develop and implement the policies that make change happen. The Climate Group communicate their achievements to secure global public acceptance of, and even greater ambition for, a prosperous, net-zero future for all.

The Climate Group is an international non-profit with offices in London, New Delhi and New York.

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